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Care and maintenance products- Bring your vehicle to a high shine

The exterior and interior care of your car should not be neglected under any circumstances, as it not only ensures a pleasant feeling for the occupants, but also extends the durability of the materials and fabrics used. Our high-quality care products from pkw-teile will help you enormously and you will be happy about a top maintained car. Discover suitable care products for paint, interior, windscreen, rims and much more.

The correct car wash

Before you start with the car wash, you should first do a preliminary cleaning. To achieve an optimal result, we recommend products from our range, such as car shampoo, paint kneading, rim cleaner sprays and much more. Careful cleaning is very important, which is why the cleaning plasticine is also excellent to use, as it removes dirt particles on the paintwork without scratching it. This is only possible because it is made of a synthetic material that absorbs all impurities close to the surface. Finally, the drying process follows, where it is worth having a microfiber cloth from our pkw-teile shop, which ensures quick drying without streaks. Excellent quality and a fast shipping time are guaranteed with pkw-teile and are emphasized!

Inexpensive accessories around the topic of car polish at pkw-teile

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on paint maintenance in garages, just get to work yourself. In our pkw-teile online shop you will find all the equipment you need. Here we would like to mention helpful products such as polishing pastes, clear varnish, putty knife or spray foils. In the future there will be no problem regarding painting needs that you cannot easily solve. Is there an unevenness? Fill it with a spatula and paint over it with the clear lacquer available at pkw-teile. Finally, you can spread the paint evenly on the surface with a spray gun. You can even remove rust from your paintwork with a rust converter and give your car a new shine. On our website you will find a structured overview of all maintenance products, which will make your search easier. If you still need help, our pkw-teile support team is always there to provide helpful information.